5 Tips in floor maintenance to preserve its beauty

5 Tips in floor maintenance to preserve its beauty

As we have shared in previous articles, the Policrete flooring system has a large number of ideal advantages to be installed in both at home and in your business, among them there are the resistance and durability of our product.


However, if you have Policrete floors, today you will know these tips on floor maintenance and care, with which you will preserve its unique beauty for much longer.


To start, Policrete floors are very easy to clean, so much that the only thing you will have to do for cleaning will be:

Pour only 2 or 3 drops of neutral detergent into a gallon of water and you can proceed to clean normally!


Other important recommendations have to do with its maintenance and conservation to preserve the characteristics of its coating, these 5 tips will help you:


  1. When cleaning, do not use instruments that are very abrasive, such as metal brushes, sandpaper, abrasive discs, among others. Your common used mop will be enough.


  1. Do not use chemical products! This, instead of helping, can contribute to leaving stains on your floors and compromising specialized sealers. Remember, as we mentioned previously, you only need a few drops of neutral detergent only.



  1. Accidents can happen and even more if we have children at home, so if products or drinks are spilled, the only thing you should do to avoid stains is to clean immediately with a handkerchief or mop.


  1. It may be a good idea to visit an expert every 6 months to evaluate the current condition of your floors.


  1. In areas of high circulation, such as commercial spaces, the application of new layers for the floor restoration is usually required; however, this will depend on the current condition of your Policrete floors, otherwise it would only apply appropriate and personalized floor maintenance.


With these insurance tips you will see that Policrete Floors is your ideal investment, you will be able to preserve your impeccable and beautiful floors and you will enjoy the perfect space you always wanted…


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