beautiful interior of house with dark grey polished concrete floors in living room with green

6 Places for Polished Concrete in Your Living Room

Concrete?! In the living room?! Now, before anyone assumes that every designer has collectively decided on a bad idea, wait a moment. This isn’t the concrete used on sidewalks or in driveways, but polished concrete used by architects and interior designers more and more in their projects.

There are several types and names from polished concrete to cement to the Policrete liquid porcelain which is stronger and more durable than traditional microcement. All of these can be used in your living rooms, but let us break it down easier.

Remodeling your  living room using Policrete styles and colors of your preference means having a very personal and fashionable finish. All our covering products are available in all shops near you, even cheaper than traditional methods sold in Home Depot stores.

Since its inception, it has been used in kitchens and bathrooms for both private and commercial spaces. In these spaces where clean lines and easy cleanup are important, polished concrete is a necessity. In the living room this same material can give a modern and comfortable look for those who share and entertain themselves in this important area of the home.

One of the key benefits of the liquid porcelain is the decorative characteristics is the uneven placement of aggregates and diversified porosity. This gives not only depth to the material, but allows for so much creativity in design. Each concrete element is unique and its structure can be seen in delicate discolorations and streaks, emphasizing its noble shape.

With polished concrete you can offer infinite possibilities of decoration and use it in unimaginable places in our living room. In this article we show you six ideas where to use it:

  1. Wall and floor:

When most people consider the floor and walls in their living room, they want something cozy and warm like wood. Concrete floors and walls don’t generally give off a cozy and warm home feeling. But that can change when one simply changes the coloring of the floor. From grays and blues to reds and oranges, the floor can instantly look warmer. Pair that warm furnishings, and you’ll have an amazing space.

On the other hand, the same coloring can offer an edgy flair with a modern twist that makes them undeniably cool. The best part is that they are incredibly durable and very easy to maintain. It is ideal for places or homes with large spaces offering a completely modern and chic look. If your home is small, you can use it on the floor and combine with other materials such as wood to add more layers of warmth.

  1. Coffee table:

How about a statement piece? There is no faster way to create one than to have a unique coffee table all your own. Since you can take cement and create it into any shape imaginable, your coffee table can become not only something incredibly functional, but also something that makes people stop and stare. Add a cool glass top, or maybe a hidden drawer for games. The possibilities are limitless.

  1. Furniture:

Polished concrete furniture is an increasingly popular within a minimalist or industrial design. Different colors and textures can be achieved and made to enhance the uniqueness of your home. Create the perfect couch and add on pillows and covers.

  1. Shelves:

A decoration element widely used in homes, are the shelves where we display our most precious books, photos or ornaments. Finding the perfect bookshelf can be a task in and of itself. Many exasperated book lovers simply design their own system to display their treasures. With polished cement, or liquid porcelain, there is practically no limit to what sort of shelving one can design. Small space, no problem; large wall – fill it up.

  1. Lamps:

What gives the interior a unique atmosphere, that warms them up and makes us want to stay in it is undoubtedly the lighting. While a shade may not be the best location for liquid porcelain, the base of the lamp is another target. This is the space where creative folk can allow their imaginations to run wild as they play with shapes, impressions, or other filigree.

  1. Pots: Enhancing Your Living Room with Polished Concrete

If you’re hesitant about using polished concrete for large areas of your living room, there’s a stylish solution that can add a touch of chic to your space—small pots made from this versatile material. By incorporating small details of polished concrete, you can achieve a minimalist, industrial, and modern look that elevates your living room’s aesthetic. Whether you opt for micro pots or larger ones, the possibilities are endless, allowing you to unleash your creativity and personalize your space.

The beauty of using polished concrete pots is that they seamlessly blend with various design styles, complementing both contemporary and rustic themes. These pots serve as eye-catching focal points that add a unique texture and visual interest to your living room. You can experiment with different shapes, sizes, and arrangements, creating a dynamic display that reflects your personal taste.

To complete the polished concrete look, consider pairing these pots with a variety of plants. The juxtaposition of the natural greenery against the industrial charm of polished concrete creates a captivating contrast, bringing a sense of vibrancy and life to your living room. Alternatively, if you live in a warmer climate or have outdoor space adjoining your living room, you can expand the natural ambiance by integrating your indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly.

At Policrete, we offer a liquid porcelain material that replicates the perfect polished concrete finish, allowing you to bring your creative vision to life. Our coating exhibits high strength and exceptional durability, surpassing many other coatings available on the market. We understand that choosing the right material for your home is essential, and our team is ready to provide you with expert advice and guidance. Feel free to reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in realizing your polished concrete dreams.

Enhancing your living room with polished concrete pots not only adds a touch of elegance and sophistication but also creates a sense of harmony and balance. These small details can transform an ordinary space into a captivating oasis that showcases your individuality. Let your imagination run wild as you explore the possibilities of incorporating polished concrete pots, and watch as your living room becomes a true reflection of your style and personality. Trust Policrete to provide you with the highest quality materials and support you need to create a living room that is truly extraordinary. Contact us today to embark on your design journey.