Our home is our refuge, and the place where we share favorite memories and moments with our family and friends. So, we always try to find new ways to make it a comfortable and beautiful place. For many, achieving an elegant result is also a necessity. However, how do you create elegance without spending a lot of money on big renovations or new furniture? There are a lot of alternatives to achieve beauty and elegance, and many of them are very simple. The key is knowing where to put the money. A rennovation might be expensive, but if you can utilize it for a longer time, it becomes cheaper.


One of the fastest and easiest changes is the selection of color. What colors you choose for your home decoration, walls and flooring can change how your home looks and feels. It’s best to keep your choices limited to a combination of 3 colors. The easiest combination is that of white, black and grey, as well as brown and beige. These neutrals are classic for a reason and are convenient and elegant, but if you like to take risks choosing colors like red or yellow will add a modern touch. For elegance, choosing a bold color as an accent piece will give not only a modern twist, but also a talking point for company. Think of a new ceramic tile backsplash in your kitchen, or a collection of satin pillows on your sofa. s


The next thing to do is to choose your furniture. This might mean getting rid of some older pieces, or updating current ones. The key to elegance isn’t price, but style. You want furniture that has clean lines and just a few ornaments. If you have good furniture, a change of upholstery might be all you need. Oftentimes, less is more, and that simplicity makes your home show off the the maximum expression of elegance. Don’t fill your home with too many decorative accessories in hopes of finding something luxurious. Nowadays, elegance is achieved choosing good elements and keeping them at a mininum. Also remember that textiles are important too. Choose quality fabrics that will stand the test of time as well as the environment. Colors that will last in strong sunlight will work better than ones that fade easily.


If you must invest in anything, flooring is your best bet. This is the rennovation that doesn’t require a lot of time or energy, but gives you the best result. Even though we walk all over them, most people don’t consider the importance of a good floor. Now is the time to repair ceramic tiles, replace linoleum or laminate panels for something modern and new. By having a good quality floor, your entire house will be suddenly brighter and better. When choosing your floor colors, choose shades of gray or shiny floors that give off the impression of luxury and beauty. Right now in the market there are options of polished concrete floors and flat floors with uniform touches and a mirror effect, such as liquid porcelain, which is not expensive and is as elegant as marble. This is the perfect time to replace the kitchen floor and get something new.

Remember, creativity is the fundamental ingredient required to give a luxurious and elegant look to your home. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Think about a new color combinations, try new styles or  innovative trends. The key to elegance in a home is simplicity, comfort, and owning your own style. You can choose the ones you like the most and create a space that is uniquely yours.