modern and beautiful living room with perfect combination of grey and white polished cement floors.

A Perfect Combination: Gray And White

Looking for a very modern trend in home decorating? Check out the gray and white tone combination. It is a simple and uncomplicated way to give new life to your spaces. With the simple change of cool neutrals, the entire atmosphere of your home will change, giving it luminosity and warmth. Not to mention so much fun for dramatic changes.

Remodeling your house with Policrete is an extremenly good decision. We can refinish your hardwood floors or install black and white tiles or any style and color of your preference in short time without demolition. All our overtile products are easily found in shops near you and cheaper than traditional methods sold in Home Depot stores.

New Flooring Options

Microcement and liquid porcelain are two flooring materials that are very fashionable nowadays for house reforms. They provide the perfect aesthetics and practicality not only in public spaces, but also private homes. Additionally, they offer that gray tonality that is hugely popular not only seasonally, but also in the longterm. Think of gray as the little black dress of home decor.

The polished concrete floors make it much easier to clean, and, in hot summery places, also stay cool. The Policrete Styles, colors and systems are the easiest to install. In many cases, you don’t even have to tear up the old flooring (saving lots of time and money). Simply choose the concrete paint colors and combinations you want.

What About the Walls?

Choose a darker gray for the floor and pair it with a warmer white on the walls. It will give you the perfect contrast, since the light and neutral colors are perfect with any gray tone. Another advantage is that they are colors that do not go out of style.

This combination of white walls so neat with the warmth of the floor in gray tones creates an environment full of light. This allows you to play with the interior design and the decoration of the house. You can prioritize black, metallic or dark gray.  Pairing metallic furniture or accents will give you a sleek, modern look.

Choosing hardwoods or bamboo as an accent will make it feel more Oriental or Scandinavian. Use this to your advantage especially if you want to play with the minimalist style in your home décor.  And you can play with the warmth or coolness factor. While white is generally warmer than gray, you can easily choose a warmer gray and pair it with a cooler white.

Play With It

Now that you have your floors and walls done, you might think – but, it’s so dull. This is where the fun happens. Think of the walls and floors as the secure base for your imagination. Using new color schemes or textures, you can quickly adjust the mood and atmosphere of the space.

Bright breezes – peacock, Aegean, or Caribbean blues when paired with white give off the feeling of warm places with lots of water. Add in some splashes of lime, lemon, or grapefruit to your colors especially in the winter time when the winter blues get to people. This is an easy way to brighten up your spirits.

Sensational spices – looking for something a little spicier in your life. Add a low, wood coffee table and surround it with lush red settee and chairs. Bring in some flavors like cinnamon, allspice, or cumin in the forms of pillows or blankets.

Towering titans – then there is the natural response – trees, lakes, and mountains. Add some earthy elements to your world. Thick wool blankets in forest and stone. Bring in some brilliant birds of bluebird, cardinal, and finch to your color palate.

Peaceful places – need a spot to calm your mind? Add in the cool colors or pastels to your space. This will give a spot to escape from the busy world around us.

Holiday humor – lastly, with grays and whites, you can quickly change your holiday feel. For Halloween, through on some orange pillows and a black blanket. In summer, how about bright red and blue for a patriotic theme?

No matter what you choose for your new flooring system, the Policrete system will be able to help you create the perfect space.