Gray is a neutral color that is a favorite among many home or office decorators for good reason. It is a classic neutral that can add warmth or coolness easily. Unlike white or beige which often need to be cleaned, gray is a good solid color that performs effortlessly. Due to its sobriety and elegance, gray can be easily paired with an color to not only bring instant class, but also temper the brightest of colors. At Policrete Floors, gray is the predominant tone in our collections and is perfect for wall and floor designs. While you might not consider gray as a compliment, it pairs well with many different colors and intensities. In this article we’ll share ideas how you can combine the gray of your floors with your decoration in primary colors: yellow, blue and red.

Gray and Yellow

Yellow is bold, brash, and arrogant. Alone, it can overwhelm, but it is a tone that contrasts beautifully with gray. Pair a cool gray in a new kitchen floor with a true yellow cabinets for a confident and modern kitchen. When both colors are warm, the combination will make your environments feel cozy. Replace a linoleum floor with a new modern floor, add some warm yellows, and you have a cozy work space that will inspire you. Even in a modern office environment can be improved by this combination. Take the office walls, add gray for stability then bring in yellow furniture or add some focal elements such as vases or wall hanging to highlight the beauty of your spaces.

Gray and Blue

Blue is mellow and brilliant. It is the calm of the ocean, or the bright sky on white sand. Gray and blue combine very well, although blue is recommended to have more prominence in the combination. Blue is a verstile color, but paired with gray it can draw out too much coolness and give off indifference. The key with blue and gray is utilizing their strengths by warming each other up. Gray works best with non-traditional blues such as turquoise or lapis. Traditional blues such as navy can work well when paired with lighter, brighter grays in beautiful ceramic tile work to create a classy bathroom. A darker gray paired with peacock blue or Caribbean blue will calm the intensity of both colors, but not diminish them. These work well in a large space that needs both elegance and intimacy. Pair dove gray walls with cerulean or cobalt furniture in a living room will make a very interesting match.

Gray and Red

Red is aggressive, strong and striking. It overwhelms and commands the attention no matter how small the amount is. Yet, when dared to combine with gray, red works well together. The result is really attractive having the sense of vibrancy and calm. Contrasted well, and your space will be perceived as both modern and charming. Consider lowering the volume of red’s intensity a little so as not to overload the final result. Place a dark gray on your floors, a lighter gray on the walls and cardinal red furniture or focal elements into some space in your home. Cherry red and chrome gray work very well in a kitchen area.

As you can see, the primary colors work splendidly next to gray tones. You can use these colors then combine them with the Policrete Floors and Walls to give a touch of beauty and distinction to your home or office. Visit our website and discover the variety of colors we have for you in our Styles and Colors 2021.