Policrete Designing And Covering Old Surfaces

What Is Policrete?

POLICRETE is a company that offers excellent solutions for the renovation of floors, walls, countertops and any hard surface with high quality and resistant products. These products are based on an epoxy coating with a liquid porcelain sealer and panels with a durable architectural finish, obtaining modern styles. The most significant advantage of Policrete is that it covers your old tiles without demolishing them!

modern living room with perfect decor grey with intense colors and modern floors with cement finish.

POLICRETE is a company with more than 15 years of experience offering tile solutions for your residential or commercial projects.

Years of product development and testing have led us to offer high quality solutions that are affordable and able to reduce installation time for interior designers, architects and homeowners.

Our founder, Romer Pana, created and developed Policrete coatings to renovate your floors or walls. Policrete has reduced the construction/remodeling time of projects in residences, businesses, institutions and industries that require fast and safe solutions in the installation of floors or wall coverings. The use of POLICRETE saves more than 50% of the time normally spent during construction, as it covers your old tiles without the need for demolition, which generates higher productivity.

Our certified quality products for floor covering, wall covering and countertop restoration provide excellent benefits such as no demolition required, seamless areas, no cracking and waterproofing.

In addition to providing quality products, POLICRETE offers training and direct advice to USA flooring installers, contractors, architects, and home or business owners.

application of policrete coatings in wall renovation. policrete company that offers excellent solutions to renew floors, walls, bathrooms and countertops.

Products Made In The USA

POLICRETE is proud to manufacture high quality products in the United States, contributing to the strengthening of the country.

Guaranteed By Associations

Our products have the endorsement of different associations and organizations that verify the quality and care with which our products are made, which are environmentally friendly.

Privacy Policy

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