Cement and polished concrete were created for the bathroom, which is why they are an important interior design in 2022. These coatings have great advantages that have inspired architects, interior designers and builders to incorporate them in the construction or renovation of bathrooms. While polished concrete bathroom floors are showcased for their beauty, it is their strength and durability, among many other benefits that keep designers coming back.

Cement and polished concrete coatings can successfully replace traditional tiles, and are much cheaper and easier to install than natural stone. Not only can it be used for flooring, you can use it for a variety of items. Your choices are endless from architectural concrete slabs, cast countertops and sinks, to cement wall and floor coverings. More recently, concrete accessories for interior design such as soap dishes, vases, or bookshelves.

Policrete offers you an innovative and unique liquid porcelain coating with which you can obtain either of these two styles (cement or polished concrete) and enjoy its benefits.



For most homes, the bathroom is the smallest area of ​​the house. One of the biggest challenges when deciding to remodel it is optimizing its size as much as possible. Creating a smooth continuity that is distinctive of cement and polished concrete give a greater sense of spaciousness that will be further enhanced if combined with light colors on floors and walls.

This is why white is often chosen as the ideal color for bathrooms. Using a white cement or polished concrete in the bathroom will make it look much larger than it really is. Not wanting to have just all cement or polished concrete bathroom? Policrete pairs beautifully with other materials such as hardwood, bamboo or teak.



Bathrooms are places where a lot of moisture can collect. If you don’t incorporate a vent or window the moisture from showers will build up and cause problems. One of the most outstanding advantages of the liquid porcelain floors, especially in bathrooms, is their extraordinary resistance to ambient humidity. The bathroom is an area that suffers from this type of constant humidity, which is why it is so important to select the materials to use correctly. With the Policrete liquid porcelain wall tile, cement style or polished concrete, this problem is a thing of the past.



If there is one characteristic that perfectly defines cement and polished cement bathrooms, it is their versatility. Since these coatings have excellent adhesion to practically any surface such as tiles, one of the star materials in bathrooms, you don’t have to worry about taking out the tile first, and can just pour the polished concrete liquid porcelain over the tiles or stone.

That is why we can apply cement or polished concrete in bathrooms in so many ways, not only on walls and floors. It is common to see bathroom furniture covered with these coatings, sinks and even shower trays and bathtubs. This is especially convenient if you are looking at a seamless bathroom style without the actual barriers of bathtub walls or shower spaces. With Policrete waterproof flooring for bathrooms, you can quickly add texture needed to keep the shower space safe and separated while ignoring the need for walls.

Just imagine the possibilities. Cement and polished concrete in the bathroom can be used in endless ways. Our Policrete liquid porcelain coating allows you to let your imagination run wild and realize any idea.

If you plan to use these coatings in your interior, we can advise you, our liquid porcelain coating allows you to use both styles starting from a single material or coating. Do not hesitate to contact us.