In many families, kitchens are not only the center of culinary creativity but also the ideal place to share. Added to this, the kitchen is where most of the family activity takes place – from talking about the days, to homework, or even passing on traditions. Homeowners look for creative and modern ways to give a unique look to this important location.

While laminates are still one of the standard elements of kitchens, people who want their space to be timeless, functional, and durable are choosing other materials. One of them is the cement – from microcement to liquid porcelain. Policrete, one of the standards in the industry, utilizes the more durable and long-lasting liquid porcelain to create seamless beauty in everything from floors to walls.

One location that has been overlooked for the liquid porcelain treatment, but now has increased interest is the kitchen island. Cement islands and countertops are the latest trend in kitchen interiors. Don’t think of these as slabs of sidewalk set into cabinetry; they are carefully crafted, highly engineered surfaces that are processed to a high degree of fit and finish.

Consider the possibilities. Create unique designs on the countertop, add a drying area for dishes that won’t get moldy or corrode. Have a double layered sink, or a way to make canning easier.

Not only that, but homeowners, designers and decorators can choose from a variety of styles and textures to create exactly what they have dreamed about. This versatile and moldable material can create the unique twist on a common kitchen element that expresses individuality and design preferences.

Kitchen remodeling means thinking about the materials to use, and how to make them work for your budget. When designing the kitchen, there is probably no better material than cement. For floors, Policrete liquid porcelain works since it can go directly on existing floors. The same is true for current islands. If you want to update the countertops, cement style can be adapted to any shape or structure that you want to build, and you can use different colored cement to highlight the room.

Cement looks great on islands and countertops, as well as being very durable and hygienic. Thinking about how to pair cement with other elements in the kitchen? For sleek modernity, go with stainless steel. You can utilize a variety of colors from blues to reds and create a vibrant modern feel. Maybe you want the intensity of a NYC loft – iron is the best choice. Take grays and blacks and pair it with rust and navy colors.

However, maybe your family wants more of a traditional, country feel. In this case, choose wood. If you want a mountain cabin – pines and redwoods are always good options. For a seaside cottage, there’s always the simplicity of walnut.

No matter the style, liquid porcelain and cement are easy to pair with a variety of styles.

For most families, while the look of marble is desired, the price of marble leaves many looking for better alternatives. Cement countertops, with their simpler, more modern, adaptable and above all less expensive appeal make for the best options.

Also, unlike marble, liquid porcelain can fit around any shape. Are you looking to create a specific shape for your island? What about having multiple sinks, or level? With cement style, anything you can imagine is attainable.

Policrete offers you a resistant and versatile material that allows you to obtain a cement finish that is much more resistant and durable than the original material. It also offers you a variety of colors to spark creativity and obtain unique and modern countertops that will reflect your good taste.