We all know that in recent years, the kitchen has ceased to be a simple space just for cooking. For many places, the large country kitchen just doesn’t exist, but the fact that these are small does not mean you have to have an ugly kitchen. One of the key elements of a kitchen is the floors, which is why Policrete Floors offers useful ideas to give your small kitchen ideal harmony and maximized spaceciousess. Here are some things to consider if going for a full kitchen remodeling, a new kitchen floor, or a just changing up the colors.


Let natural light enter your kitchen! Place a window that will make your kitchen look wider and bring in more light. Adding sunlight will minimize the smallness of the space, and make it less cave-like. It will also bring in additional ways to brighten and energize the room.

If a window can’t be added, the next best option is to add lights. Add some under the cabinets to light up your counterspace, change the ceiling lights. One option is to have track light put in instead of a solitary overhead. This way you can place the lights in a variety of positions to best illuminate the entire space.  The most important thing is to play creatively with your custom design within the space you have in your kitchen.


Your best bet for a small kitchen is light colors to decorate your floors and walls. White is the most common color for this, because it provides a feeling of spaciousness that you want to get in a small kitchen. Some other colors you can choose are yellows, but keep them soft as you don’t want to overwhelm the space. A mixture of yellow and white is cream, and this is also a good color choice for a kitchen. You might think that your walls and cabinets are the only places to add color, but don’t forget your floors. Policrete Floors offer a wide range of colors and styles that you can choose from.


There are certain things that have to go into every kitchen – sink, stove, oven, refrigerator. When considering how you want your kitchen to look there are plenty of new options. One thing to do is to put glass doors on the upper cabinets. This way it doesn’t appear to be has dense. Another option is to remove the doors altogether. On the lower cabinets, maximize the space. Newer kitchen options include a kick drawer these are drawers that go at the base of the cabinet and utilize that otherwise empty space.

Another option, especially if you need a table, is to find a collapsible one that folds up a the end of the cabinets or on another wall. Think of this as those old-fashioned ironing boards that were hidden away in a cabinet. If you need to do doublt duty, maybe put a white board or a cork board on the bottom of the table. This way, when it is folded up, you can still use the space.


For your small kitchen there are several ways to decorate it and give it a beautiful appearance. A minimalist style can work perfectly, since it generates more space. This also gives it a touch of elegance and an air of relaxation and positivism. The order and organization of the elements must play a fundamental role to achieve the minimalist effect that is desired. The built-in kitchens are the ideal ones for this style, because they fit millimetrically either in large or small spaces, as in this case. If space allows, you can add central islands for more storage.

Types of Small Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen: If the space for the kitchen has only three walls, the furniture should be designed in a U-shape. On one side you can place the stove area, on the other the sink area and in the center the work area for more comfort.

L-shaped kitchen: This style is typical in the most elongated kitchens. These take advantage of a corner of the kitchen and are comfortable to add a central bar or a central island.

One-sided kitchens: If your kitchen is like a hallway with all the working space on one side, maximizing the wall space is important. Depending on how wide your kitchen is, you can utilize the opposite side for messages, folding tables, or other things.

Following these tips and complementing the decoration of your kitchen with the application of the Policrete System on the floors or countertops, you will get a gleaming and modern kitchen. In addition, at Policrete Floors we make the custom design of the perfect color with which you wish to install floors in Miami to renovate your home or commercial space.

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