Custom Design Ideas to beautify your small kitchen

Custom Design Ideas to beautify your small kitchen

The kitchen in recent years has ceased to be a simple space just for cooking. This space has become more integrated to the functionalities of the house. In recent years, homes have been built with less space than usual, so there are many small kitchens. However, the fact that these are small does not mean that you can’t capture in it the beauty of other spaces through custom design, which is why at Policrete Floors we prepare this article with useful decoration ideas to give your kitchen less spacious harmony and ideal spaciousness.



Let natural light enter your kitchen! To achieve this, it is advisable to place a window that fits with this purpose, you will see how your kitchen will look wider, so that you won’t have the sensation of being inside a cave and a soft shine will be created both on your floors and walls and on some elements that decorate your space. In any case, if you don’t have a window, there is the option of artificial lights, you can place one on the ceiling or you can opt for lamps under the closet to not saturate the area. The most important thing is to play creatively with your custom design without neglecting wisely manage the space you have in your kitchen.



Always bet on light colors to decorate your kitchen or if you plan to renovate floors and walls. White is the most recommended color for this, because it provides a feeling of spaciousness that you want to get in a small kitchen. You can put some color as long as they are small decorative details. If you have not yet chosen the ideal tone for it, you can see our catalog of colors or customize the one you want.



As for the furniture of the kitchen, try with not so long furniture because they are light in sight. If the custom furniture is designed, you will have wide possibilities of obtaining a functional and at the same time beautiful place, taking advantage of every inch and planning the location of each appliance. Another option is to use carts or auxiliary shelves to store your utensils in a practical way and thus save more space.



For your small kitchen there are several ways to decorate it and give it a beautiful appearance. A minimalist style can work perfectly, since it generates a wider space sensation in it, gives it touches of elegance and gives you airs of relaxation and positivism. The order and organization of the elements must play a fundamental role to achieve the minimalist effect that is desired. The built-in kitchens are the ideal ones for this style, because they fit millimetrically either in large or small spaces, as in this case. If space allows, you can add central islands for more storage.


Types of small kitchens

  • U-shaped kitchen: If the space for the kitchen has only three walls, the furniture should be designed in a U-shape. On one side you can place the fire area, on the other the water area and in the center the work area for more comfort.
  • L-shaped kitchen: This style is typical in the most elongated kitchens. These take advantage of a corner of the kitchen and are comfortable to add a central bar or a central island.
  • One-sided kitchens: If the width of your kitchen is like a hallway, this is the ideal design for that space. It is designed in a linear way and is located on the longest side, so that the remaining space for mobility within the kitchen is maintained.


Following these tips and complementing the decoration of your kitchen with the application of the Policrete system on the floors or countertops, you will get a gleaming and modern kitchen. In addition, at Policrete Floors we make the custom design of the perfect color with which you wish to install floors in Miami to renovate your home or commercial space.


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