With so many trends and themes in home decoration, it can sometimes be overwhelming to think about what to do. Some prefer several elements in a certain space; others choose a more basic and elementary styles. Some want Old World traditions; others want New World vibrancy. By adapting the various influences, we can reveal our personality in each space.

One of the big current trends is Minimalism. This is the living example that you need little to achieve a lot visually speaking. If you are looking for custom designs, with a touch of minimalism, for your spaces in Miami, we will give you some ideas to achieve this effect in your home.

Remember that the main premise that characterizes minimalism is: LESS IS MORE. Therefore, to achieve this style follow the simple rule, DO NOT OVERLOAD with elements. For example, if you want to decorate a living room with minimalist touches, choose the appropriate furniture, colors and adornments to fulfill this purpose.


Neutral colors are ideal to obtain the minimalist effect that we want to achieve in our home. White is the first choice and the most used in terms of tonalities for minimalism. This is the classic Scandinavian aesthetic found in many Minimalist ideas. White generates a sense of purity, elegance and makes small spaces look bigger. Paired with other neutral tones, such as black and gray, it can give off many different versions of its simplicity. Replacing kitchen floors with simpler, neutral colors makes decorating a breeze.

When using more vivid colors in minimalism, they can be used as a focal point of the space. This works best when a large space is divided into smaller spaces by use of color. Think of a clean light room that has a large teal sofa set. This creates a space within the space that breaks the monotony of so much neutral color. Here we have 8 beautiful minimalist style tones as an example that will surely fascinate you!


What furniture is used plays a fundamental role in decoration. With the furniture, you can determine which style is implemented. In minimalism, opt for sober and simple furniture which does not occupy much space. Your choices should be necessary and functional but at the same time look elegant in a room of “naked aesthetics”. Other excellent options are dark or chrome glass tables, vertical chairs or satin armchairs.


The proper use of light will make minimalist spaces look spectacular. Natural light brightens any space. Forget the thick blinds and curtains, and replace them with blinds. These diffuse light and bring clarity to the home. But, if you use artificial light, it is recommended that you install lamps that adapt perfectly to this style. For example, tiny lamps can be placed on the ceiling will work wonders; in contrast, a floor lamp that is easy to handle can be located in a corner where it does not take up much space. Highlight ceramic tile details in your kitchen with small lights under cabinets.


Adding textiles in your space can soften the harsher lines of the minimalist environment. When adding textiles, such as curtains or upholstery, keep them the same neutral color used in the environment so that you don’t lose the minimalist touch and can give airs of tranquility and relaxation. Remember to avoid prints at all costs, you want solid color blocks.


In Minimalism, an orderly space gives the desired effect of easy elegance. Each piece of furniture has to be located in a specific area so it does not clash with the rest of the environment. It must aide the minimalist effect, and not distract from it. To save space, use furniture with drawers and lids to store your blankets, controllers, and other items. This generates no visual noise which is part of the beauty of Minimalism. Don’t saturate your room with paintings; place a single painting on one of the walls as an accents.

Following these tips, you can achieve a spectacular minimalist atmosphere that will make your spaces look elegant and beautiful. It’s always a good time to make small changes that generate excellent results, so get inspired! And if you are thinking of hiring services in floor repair, renovation or installation in Miami, count on our advice, because good taste defines us.

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