Custom designs with vibrant colors that will highlight your gray floors

Custom designs with vibrant colors that will highlight your gray floors

As we have seen in previous posts, gray is a versatile color that matches any type of tonalities, either bright colors or more neutral tones. But it also combines perfectly with more vibrant and energetic colors. These bright colors can serve you well to combine and thus get the custom design you so much want in home decor.


  1. Gray and green

Green brings touches of relaxation and freshness and gives the gray these elements of which it is lacking. The green tone, in addition, is a color that goes very well with gray especially in walls and decoration. You can combine both light and dark versions of both colors.


  1. Gray and purple

The combination of gray and purple will make your spaces a modern place. Purple is a color that, in its different tones, makes a very good game with gray. Place gray on floors and walls, and choose furniture or focal elements of your room in purple to achieve a modern and distinguished style in the custom design of your spaces.


  1. Gray and mustard

Although the mustard color is a tone that we find within the family of yellow, this version of this color has more nuances with which you will get an elegant and contemporary touch in your favorite spaces. But if you combine it with gray walls or floors, you will get a modern and striking look. You will feel the energy flowing!


  1. Gray and orange

The orange, as well as the yellow, can be combined with the gray, that is the main tone of our catalog of colors and you can find it in our Natural Collection 2019. You can use the gray in a homogeneous way and the orange to give the spaces colorful touches. Orange is a very striking color, so you have to try not to recharge it and find the ideal balance.


  1. Gray and turquoise

Turquoise is another color that goes very well with gray in all its shades, from lighter grays to darker ones so playing with it can be quite interesting. The turquoise tone stands out when combined with a color as neutral as gray. You can choose a sofa in gray and some decorative elements in turquoise.


  1. Gray and pink

Pink and gray make an excellent combination for home, especially for the room. We can choose to decorate walls, floors or furniture in gray, but also introduce some elements in pink to highlight the space, especially one that is soft. The pink can be combined with any shade of gray and gives those romantic airs that are sought to generate in the environment.


  1. Gray and metallic tones (copper, gold, silver, etc.)

Gray is able to look excellent even when combined with metallic tones, such as copper, gold, silver, brass, etc. Metallic tones give gray a lot of elegance and brightness. Test with Policrete floors and walls in gray and some of these metallic tones in focal elements, such as a small table or a sofa.


As you can see, gray can be combined with any color and stand out. These vibrant colors are excellent options to combine with your Policrete floors. If you are thinking of floor restoration and other spaces’ renovations in your home, these combinations may be ideal for you. Visit our website and discover the colors that we offer you in our Natural Collection 2019.