As people gather for the Christmas family dinner, they always enter into the warm and cozy kitchen. Here, not only is there food simmering on the stovetop and turkey or pies in the oven, the family gathers to talk about their lives. Hot tea and coffee fills cups, laughter echoes from the walls.

It’s Christmas, and the family is together again.

We use our kitchens for more than just cooking Christmas dinner. It’s where we catch up on life as one generation passes on traditions and recipes to another generation. This time is of celebrations, parties and sharing unforgettable moments with family and friends, where the spaces of the home, especially the kitchen are the centerpieces.

Even if your family is far away during the holidays, you can bring over friends. But, do not be discouraged if your kitchen isn’t up to magazine levels. You don’t need a lot of design knowledge to decorate kitchens with good taste. With ingenuity and the will to do so, we can make this living space in the house look nice and cozy, and above all, make it practical.

Currently, there are an infinite amount of materials on the market to create beautiful kitchens. The most versatile one is polished concrete. Originally used for construction, it has transcended its original use to become the ideal means of kitchen remodeling. Use it to create floors, stairs, sinks and countertops around the world. This gray material has many attractive qualities to make it your own. It can be polished, stained, ground to get a terrazzo effect and add a subtle rough texture to a space.

Don’t allow the naysayers to talk you out of it. Certainly, it seems rustic, and certainly, it seems to be not useful in a kitchen where water, heat and hygiene are important factors, but concrete is a material of high durability, stability and easy maintenance.

To create polished concrete kitchen floors, several protective layers give it resistance to heat and water. This makes it not only good for floors, but also makes it ideal to cover any surface in our kitchens. In the case of Policrete, we have a Polished Concrete style created from liquid porcelain that makes it much more resistant to the original material.

Therefore, this material is ideal for this important space in the home, providing simplicity and beauty. Using polished concrete in the design of your kitchen, you can create any concept in the space from rustic comfort to minimalist grace, cold but with a lot of personality.

As a floor

During the 90s the industrial style of New York lofts this material become a trend. Today it is still used as flooring in open-plan homes with a mainly avant-garde style.

In gray tones, its continuous finish visually expands the spaces, reinforcing the open design of these modernist, minimalist homes. And although grays are the most used in this type of home, other floors with brown and brown tones become the favorites of industrial and rustic styles.

Polished concrete countertops

Kitchen countertops are another place to use the versatile polished concrete. When designing contemporary kitchens, the material is highly appreciated for continuity. Polished cement is highly resistant to heat, cleaning products and chemical agents in food. As it is also water-repellent, it’s a great choice for people who do a lot of work in the kitchen be it crafts, experiments, cooking, or canning.

Kitchen cabinets

In addition to countertops, we can find polished concrete cabinets on the market. Don’t worry – it doesn’t weigh the doors down. As it is only about 3-4 mm thick, this decorative coating can be applied on any surface thanks to its excellent adhesion. With a minimalist character and in dark tones, they can bring a lot of personality to a large kitchen.

The use of polished concrete will not only offer you durability and hygiene, it will also allow you to bring the beauty and style you want: industrial, contemporary, minimalist and even eclectic. This is the best material you can find for your Christmas kitchen.