The resin is a type of material for coating based on thermosetting plastic and when it is mixed with other chemical substances, it hardens, which means that when applied in the realization of floors a perfectly leveled and smooth finish is obtained, this material is widely used in homes due to its great ease of cleaning, high resistance and quick application.

In the following article we will give a tour of the different finishes and decorations ideal for these types of floors.

Matte finishes

Matte finishes: This type of economic and quality finish that prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating, is a non-porous surface, which makes it very well repels greasy liquids and residues, it is ideal for decoration due to the variety of colors that can be applied.

Semi gloss finishes

Semi-gloss finishes: apart from being a resistant and durable type of floor with the passage of time, it only needs minor care. This type of semi-gloss material promotes creativity since it can be accompanied and combined with other materials such as wood, brick and also personalized with figures and textures.

Brilliant finishes

Brilliant finishes: also known as 3D Floors, this type of finishing for floors of liquid resin can be placed in any area of the house or placed in existing floors as a type of coating, which serves for surfaces of slate stone, natural stone, ceramic concrete, porcelain either for indoor or outdoor floors, can be combined with solid, veined, metallic colors.

Whatever type of liquid resin floor we choose to decorate our home we must bear in mind that different types of techniques are used to apply them, we only have to have clear which we want to use for that area of the house, and in turn consider that it is a very durable and resistant type of floor ensuring a much better and elegant finish.

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