Have you heard about Liquid Porcelain Flooring and have been wondering what it is? Our Policrete Floor System is based on this style of flooring. It’s a new style of flooring that allows flooring installation to be poured over existing floors. The resin used in our Policrete Floors is a type of material for coating based on thermosetting plastic. Basically, when it is mixed with other chemical substances, it hardens into a smooth, solid coating that is not thick. In a flooring situation, it becomes perfectly leveled and smooth creating a finish that is spectacular. Many modern homes and businesses are using this material due to its great ease of cleaning, high resistance and quick application.

Now knowing what it is, the next question is which version to use. In the following article we will give a tour of the different finishes and decorations that are ideal for these types of floors.

Matte Finishes

This type of economic and quality finish prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating. It is a non-porous surface which makes it repel all liquids from drinks to greasier liquids and residues. Matte finishes are ideal for decoration due to the variety of colors and textures that can be applied. This is a good finish for those areas that you want subtle texture or design. Matte finishes can really show off textures because you don’t have the shine factor.

Semi-gloss Finishes

The next type of finish is called a semi-gloss finish. Where the matte finish is dull, the semi-gloss is a bit shinier. Like the matte, it is water-resistant and durable. No matter what goes over it, this type of floor will withstand the tests of time. It also only needs minor care and cleaned with neutral soaps. This type of floor finishing promotes creativity since it can be accompanied and combined with other materials such as wood, brick and also personalized with figures and textures. If you want to make the floor your style – using Policrete Styles and Colors to create the perfect texture and color for your space.

Brilliant Finishes

The last finish is called a brilliant finish, but is also called 3D Floors. This is the floor finish that pops whenever you look at it. It’s very shiny and looks good in all lights. If you want a space to be a statement, this is the type of finish that you want. This type of finishing will give you that high-gloss look – the shiny statement piece that is perfect for important locations. This is the finish to use when you want to showcase the walls as well as the floors. When you have large windows that allow the light to shine into the room.


The Policrete Flooring System comes with these three different styles. With these liquid porcelain flooring installation, you can place it in any area of the house. Even better, it can be placed over existing floors as a type of coating. It doesn’t matter the floor type, whether it is slate stone, natural stone, ceramic concrete, or porcelain. Additionally, you can use it for either indoor or outdoor floors, and it can be combined with solid, veined, metallic colors.

Whatever the type of finish you choose, you have to consider what space you are going to put it in. In a large space you might want to choose the matte finish for a subdued look, or the brilliant finish as a statement piece. In a small space, the semi-gloss is a good choice as it gives you the best of both brilliant and matte.

Remember that if you are looking for advice to decorate your home with the latest trends in design, restoration and interior installation, visit us to learn all the advantages that only Policrete Floors can offer you.