Over the past hundred years, decorating with natural features has become popular. Natural stone has become the dominant element and is used in many aspects from countertops to bathroom furniture. Anything made with these elegant and majestic materials, especially marble, will give your space a luxurious appearance. When used in business interiors this element will bring an element of class to an otherwise drab space.

The beauty, durability, affordability and resistance have made marble one of the most used and preferred materials by interior designers. Marble has been used in private homes from the very wealthy who expect the best, to the average household to add aesthetic of timelessness and prestige.  This pattern has transcended to workplaces that seek elegant and luxurious environments.

That is why Policrete designs marble flooring incorporate this new luxurious style with unparalleled beauty to be used in different spaces and office surfaces. The Marble Style was created to give it the same beauty as natural marble stone, but utilizes liquid porcelain which makes it easier to apply and has a higher resistance to deterioration and staining than traditional stone.

The Policrete Marble Style Liquid Porcelain coating brings distinction and elegance to your office. Matching the same patterns including small veins and colors that equal the original marble. The options are endless.



Have you ever visited a grand old home from the Victorian area and walked on the marble floors? Imagine how it would look under soft candlelight at a holiday party. Wouldn’t you like to have the same ambience in your workplace – a space that will welcome everyone into your space. You can choose to cover the entire floor of the room in marble. You can also select a section. Either way, you will get a more spacious and elegant look in your office with marble décor with marble liquid porcelain.



In homes, we utilize marble countertops especially in the kitchen where there is a lot of messes that need to be cleaned. The durability of marble makes it perfect for kitchens but you can change the face of your office by adding marble to your tables. It doesn’t matter what your table is either: conference tables, desks, receptionist table, and more can have marble as surfaces.



If you don’t want marble as a floor, you can utilize it the walls. Pick a section of your office, then go from top to bottom with any variety of marble. Next, incorporate a shelf on that side of your office.

Its addition will serve as an additional space while adding a fresh atmosphere to your office.



Think of the little things in your office space that give it added beauty and sophistication to the space. You might not want to have a big space with marble, but several little things.

First, your flowers can flaunt marble, add a marble flower vase. Then your desk nameplate can stop looking stereotypical and take on the marble look. Other elements that you can incorporate are trays to keep your desk organized. In addition, the marble blocks to hold pens and books look refined.



Another way to add marble decorations to your office is by adding it to the nameplates that go on the wall. These could be simply plaques or rectangles that are next to the door or on the door. They can inform visitors who is inside the office, or even if the use of the office. Other items might be the name of the office’s founder or sponsors. Whatever it is, you are sure, with marble, of the longevity of such nameplates.

Now you know the different ways to use marble in your office to create a luxurious environment. Whichever way you choose to wear it, you will get the same alluring elegance. There is no reason not to invest in your office marble décor today, our Marble Liquid Porcelain coating offers colors and finishes, ranging from white marble to deep black, created for elegant and sophisticated offices.