Normally when people think about concrete – they think about floors and outside seating, but that’s only part of modern décor. Concrete offers durable furniture with a variety of different possibilities to decorate. Apply it to floors, walls, counters, sinks for sleek modern designs, or even make furniture and decorative objects for bold statement pieces. It is a material that generates homages to the industrial, the artisan and the minimalist. Despite appearances, it fits perfectly into any modern décor, but especially those with and industrial or artistic bent. Better yet – it actually is very beneficial in warm areas. Since concrete is cool to the touch, it works very well in regions with warm weather, and, when used in large surfaces, can help keep the interiors cold.

In the market there are different forms of cement application indoors. The most popular is polished cement, which gives a versatile, modern, smooth and shiny finish to surfaces. This type of cement can also be used to make some stunning statement pieces.

Of course, it may seem a bit much to incorporate cement décor inside a home, but rest assured it works.  Want some inspiration on incorporating cement into your modern living or floor design? Here are some suggestions:

Walls, Floors and Ceilings

Cement is a truly versatile material. Because it is applied in liquid form, it can be molded and customized to any room or contours. Any large surface – from ceilings and walls to the traditional modern floors can be covered with concrete. It doesn’t even have to be plain. Oh, no – we can create textures, make imprints from objects, or embed anything you want into the cement. Want to have a statement wall covered with seashells and sea glass that catches the afternoon light? We can do that, for a fraction of other mirocement suppliers


It doesn’t stop with the traditional walls, floors, and ceilings. Think of cement as stone accents to your space. Even as stone and wood make pleasant pairs in nature, the same is true in your home. Cement benches blend seamlessly with wood cabinets giving both a cool and warm texture to your space. Adding cement countertops to a wood kitchen provides an elegant, contemporary look in a high-traffic area that sees a lot of wear and tear. Better yet, unlike marble which is hard to embellish, microcement easily can be made to make different shapes and edges or even have different textures in different areas. What about a large area that you have to cover? Do you need to integrate dishwasher, sink and oven into the space, but don’t like the seams? With Policrete, we can seamlessly combine everything.


Modern designers play with shapes, forms, and functions on a daily basis. Another common design element is the materials used – and cement is their chief new thing. No longer confined to city parks, cement is now being made into new household things. Which makes us think that the use of this material has no limits. Designers are making cement tables, bookshelves, chairs, even beds. They’re combining the hard, polished surface of cement with the soft, textural surfaces of cloth to create pieces of furniture that not only stand up to daily life, but add modern aesthetics to any home.

Concrete is definitely a versatile material that is easy to combine with other materials. Pair concrete with glass for a modern look. With wood, you can have a minimalist, natural look. With concrete you can bring a unique, elegant and modern style to the home. With Policrete’s many textures and colors, you can design whatever you want.