Wondering what the theme for interior decoration in 2022? Think neutral. While these are still as fashionable as ever, and there are many good reasons for the colors. For one thing, they evoke elegance and class. Think of rich woods and castles. On the other hand, they are welcoming. Warm country roads and winter snow. But, most importantly, they are serene and after the past couple years, long sandy beaches and hidden cottages are what we desire. That is why, when decorating our bedrooms, we choose soft tones that invite rest.

When choosing what colors to use in the bedroom, neutral tones provide a restful night’s sleep and serenity. The second thing to consider is to not limit yourself on what is considered neutral. Until now, white with all its nuances, beige and sand on walls have taken the cake, but be careful, because in 2022 they will not be the only ones leading. Gray comes with everything. Where there is wood, you find stone; where there is sand, you find gray seas. Filling your room with modernity is super current, and it provides the mixture you need to create an interesting space. In a soft, medium and even intense tone, almost black, gray will be the big surprise for this year.

The best place to start is the walls. You can use gray on walls and floors and even at the head of the beds, it combines perfectly with other colors if you want to give your room a plus, with a vibrant color. This is the perfect time to play with the colors in your room. Use the neutral walls as the catalyst for bright accent cushions, curtains or sheets.

Generally, the floors of a bedroom can be easily found in some neutral tone, such as grey. Wooden floors and especially those of cement or polished concrete, serve as a base to start our bedroom decoration in neutral tones. With Policrete Liquid Porcelain, you can choose whatever you want your floor to be. An elegant sandy color. Maybe a marbled gray floor. Liquid porcelain is also incredibly durable.

It is for this reason that we will start adding pieces from the ground to gradually work upwards. For starters, in many parts of the country, you need something to keep your feet warm in the morning. Go for bold stripes of tan, gray, or black. Maybe try some geometric shapes. Maybe you don’t want a thoroughly modern bedroom. Find some florals to compliment the neutral colors.

Next, consider what to do with the furniture. The material choices are not limited to wood and metal. You can even choose cement to give the bedroom a lot of modernity and urban vibes. Do you have a nightstand that you like, but want to update? The Policrete Marble Liquid Porcelain is perfect. With just a thin coating, your nightstand will look good as new.

Lastly, it isn’t always about the furniture and walls. After all, there are other important parts of a bedroom from pillows and sheets to lingerie. Choose fabrics and textures with sand, beige and white colors for a cozy bed that allows you to sleep comfortably.

Currently there are so many materials with neutral colors that will make you fashionable this year, one of them is liquid porcelain that offers you different finishes on your walls and floors, such as cement, polished concrete and even marble, which only does not It will give modernity but also luxury to your room.

At Policrete we offer you this new material that will not only update your bedroom, it will also create a seamless finish that will give your room spaciousness.