Our bedroom is the sacred space where relax and rest. That is why, each element that we place inside from furniture, materials, floors, walls, and ornaments should be to our liking. When choosing how to decorate the floor of your bedroom, you must take into account several factors. One of the most important is the materials used are suited for the space and walls.

There are many options in flats that you can choose from. Each one can offer you a different level of comfort, economy, and elegance. You must choose the one that best suits your home, and even how the local weather is can be a determining factor. For example, if your area is consistently warm, you can choose stone or wood to keep the space comfortable. If your area is consistently cold, then carpets are your best option. If you experience both, then having something that stays cool, but can be warmed up is best. Here are some great ideas to select when replacing floor in your room:

Comfortable Natural Wood

Want a warm, inviting space to rest? Your best option is natural wood. No matter what room you are updating, natural wood flooring will make the space comfortable. Key things to remember are keeping the woods in shape with regular waxing and maintenance. In a bedroom, wood floors can be made more welcoming with the addition of rugs. Also, when choosing colors – in small spaces lighter is always better.

The One That Resembles The Real Stone

Looking for something that is cheaper, but also gives you the look of elegance? There are many options on the market these days for just such a compromise. One of the better choices is laminate flooring. This water-resistant material comes in many different designs that resemble textures like stone, wood or marble. It can also be made to imitate different styles of tiling. When installed correctly, laminate flooring can made to resemble what it mimics. Looking for that natural stone look in your bedroom, but can’t afford it? A laminate might be the trick.

The One That Is Hard As Concrete

Have you tried wood and laminate, but they just don’t suit your style? The latest trend in floors is using concrete for flooring installations. While it has been used consistently for new buildings and garages, inside private homes has been rare. This isn’t true nowadays. Besides being economical, concrete floors are practical, easy to maintain, and gives the space an original and contemporary air. It combines well with practically any décor you want to add to the space from glass desks, to hardwood shelves. Added to that, since it can be made in a variety of designs, textures, or color, making it fit you and your space is easy. Also, if you live in one of the areas that have cold winters and hot summers – layering up the floor with rugs will keep you warm in the winter, while that cool cement will keep the space cool in the summer.

Bright, Durable and Original

Liquid porcelain floors are a new trend that offers you an infinite number of colors and styles. These floors are perfect for families that want to update their space, but don’t necessarily have a lot of time or money. Because liquid porcelain can be adjusted to create a variety of styles and colors, it will give your room a bright and unique look.


Lastly, the Policrete System. Our system works with you. Unlike natural wood, stone, or laminate floorings which need the old floor removed, our system does not. Our liquid porcelain system can be made in a variety of different colors or textures then poured over old floors, covering materials that were there from the previous reflooring. Not only does this save time and money, but it makes the job quick and easy. No matter the colors you want, or the price range you have – your best choice is the Policrete Liquid Porcelain System.