Enjoy Functional And Modern Countertops

What is Countertops Refacing?

We know that countertops are the centrepiece of every kitchen, so they must look perfect and functional. But their use goes far beyond that, they can be found in bathrooms, laundries and outdoor grills where durability and waterproofing requirements are essential, without neglecting the beauty of the finish.

If you’re tired of your outdated and worn countertops, we can help you with a quick, headache-free remodel with D-PLATTE panels. Panels with beautiful architectural finishes installed over existing surfaces you’re looking to give your home a sleek, modern look, but without resorting to time-consuming, messy and annoying remodels.

D-PLATTE finishes off the surfaces of your spaces without damaging your peace of mind, creating a masterpiece for your kitchen, bathroom or outdoor kitchen.

We combine beauty with durability and quality with speed of application to bring you successful results with a coating made with highly qualified products and finishes inspired by nature.

A wonderful solution for you, D-PLATTE is waterproof, fire retardant and manufactured with a high strength polycarbonate base. With D-PLATTE Panels you can get the finish you want with a wide variety of patterns available and also the ability to customize your style. Definitely an eye-catching look that will get compliments.

beautiful kitchen with countertops and backsplashes with polished cement-like finish to inspire renovate countertops with d-platte panels.

Why Choose D-Platte To Update Your Countertops?

D-PLATTE brings together remarkable advantages that make it the perfect choice for modernizing your countertops. The versatility of its finishes, application without demolition, its sustainable installation and durability are some of the many reasons to choose D-PLATTE to renovate your home.

d-platte architectural finish panels that mimic natural materials such as wood, metal and natural stone applied without demolition.

Styles & Colors

Select the one of your preference

Inspired by the beauty of nature, D-PLATTE variety of colors are born to offer you unique finishes for your countertops. Find your ideal style among the variety of colors similar to the modernity of metal, the sophistication of stone and the beauty of wood.

How to Do It?

D-PLATTE Panels is a product based on the combination of three-layer materials: Polycarbonate + Solid Substrate + Protective Sealant, resulting in a unique cladding material that not only provides decorative beauty, but also offers high resistance to extreme conditions avoiding shrinkage and cracking, high durability, fast installation without demolition and easy maintenance.

D-PLATTE Panels can be installed over existing surfaces such as tile, stone, concrete and wood, giving a new look to your outdated finishes.

The result is a unique coating material that not only provides decorative beauty, but also offers high resistance to extreme conditions avoiding shrinkage and cracks, high durability, quick installation without demolition and easy maintenance.

d-platte architectural finish panels based on three layers: polycarbonate, solid substrate, protective sealant; to restore showers and countertops in bathrooms and kitchens without demolition.

Those layers are the following:

Layer 1: Polycarbonate

This layer adds strength, durability and heat resistance to the panels. HDP is known for its excellent impact resistance and strength, as well as its ability to maintain its structural integrity at high temperatures. It is also UV resistant making our panels a good choice for outdoor applications.

Layer 2: Solid Substrate

One of the main characteristics of solid substrate is its resistance to water, UV rays and other environmental factors, making it a good choice for outdoor applications. It also offers beautiful finishes that are easy to clean and maintain.

Layer 3: Protective Sealer Epoxy

The epoxy protective sealer coat protects D-PLATTE panels from damage and wear. This sealant is made up of two main components: a resin and a hardener. By mixing these two components, a reaction occurs that forms a strong, durable and chemically resistant coating. It has excellent adhesion and durability, and is resistant to water, oil and other chemicals. Its simple application, resulting in a thin layer that only provides no protection, also improves the finish of the panels, by being able to choose a transparent, glossy or matte result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Architectural Finishes Panels are applied in office and home areas with demanding uses, specifically on floors, walls, countertops, and showers. With the application of these panels, you bring beauty, safety, and comfort to your bathroom. It is a material highly resistant to moisture and extreme conditions, easy to clean, and completely waterproof, preventing mold and mildew. It has a protective coating that gives it a useful life of 10 years, maintaining the beauty of your bathrooms for a long time. It has an aesthetically beautiful finish with a variety of panel styles. In addition, D-Platte Architectural Finishes Panels installation is simple and quick, with no need to remove existing surfaces, making beautiful showers a breeze.

The use of D-Platte Architectural Finishes Panels in the renovation of bathrooms, kitchens, and countertops offer a variety of advantages and benefits, some of which are: Aesthetics, Over Any Surface, high moisture resistance, no demolition required, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain. For more information, click here: www.bathroomreface.com/panel.