We Give Answers To All Your Questions About Policrete

What Is Policrete

POLICRETE offers two excellent coatings for remodeling floors, walls and countertops; based on an epoxy coating with a liquid porcelain sealer and panels with a durable architectural finish, obtaining modern styles.DO YOU HAVE OTHER QUESTIONS? Enter each section and get the answers.

  1. Does Policrete (CEMENTINA) Crack?  Policrete was designed to withstand 1/8” cracks. All structural cracks and cracks greater than 1/8 are not compatible with our anti-crack membrane.
  2. Policrete Is Finish Glossy Or Satin? Policrete could be Gloss or Satin.
  3. In The Website You Say That Policrete Is Uniform By Areas. What Does That Mean? Policrete will be seamless in the living room, rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining room. You will see a seam line under the doors or if you prefer, we can recommend thresholders.
  4. Does Policrete Scrath?  Policrete is a scratch resistant material. However, you can’t use sharp materials on the floor.
  5. Does Policrete Have Any Odor? No. Policrete is odor free so it can be applied on condominiums, apartments, offices.
  6. Can I Choose Any Color I Want? Policrete has variety colors for you to choose from but we can make custom colors.
  7. Does Policrete Have Divisions? Policrete is seamless by areas. You will have a seam line under the doors.
  8. Does Policrete Stain? Policrete has sealers to protect your floor from stains. However, it is best to clean it up immediately after any spillage.
  9. Is Policrete Flexible? Policrete was designed to resist up to 1/8” cracking.
  10. What Is The Thickness Of Policrete? Policrete has 1/8” to 1/4” thickness.
  11. Is Policrete Non-Slip? Yes, we have an additive to make our floor safe.
  12. Is Policrete Eco-Friendly For Pets Or Children? Policrete is eco-friendly for pets and children.
  13. IS POLICRETE UV PROTECTED? Policrete is UV protected for indoor and outdoor applications.
  14. What Is The Difference Between Policrete Residential And Commercial? The Difference between Policrete Residential and Commercial is the sealer we apply. Policrete Commercial has more coats to resist more abrasion and impacts.
  1. On What Type Of Floor Can I Apply Policrete? Policrete can be applied on any hard floor: tile, ceramic, natural stone, hard wood, porcelain, Mexican tile, cement.
  2. Will I See The Ground Lines When Policrete Is Applied Over Tile? No, you won’t see them.
  3. If My Floor Already Has A Crack, Can I Apply Policrete Over It? If that crack is not over 1/8” and isn’t a structural problem, the answer is YES. Policrete has an anti-cracking membrane that supports to up 1/8” crack.
  4. I Have A Laminate Floor; Can I Apply Policrete Over It? No, you can’t. Laminate floor it isn’t a stable floor, it has a lot of movement and Policrete was not design for that kind of floor.
  5. How Much Dust Does Policrete Emit During The Application? Policrete emits a minimum dust because we use hard and heavy particles in our formulation.
  6. I Want To Apply Policrete In My Bathroom, Is That Possible? Policrete is a mix of resins and sealers that provide a waterproof resistance in the bathrooms including inside the showers.
  7. Do I Need To Remove The Baseboards In Order To Apply Policrete? No, you don’t. But if your intent is to change the baseboards, the best is to remove them before applying Policrete. Otherwise, it is not necessary to remove it.
  8. Could I Apply Policrete Over A Countertop? Yes. Policrete was designed to be applied over any hard surface. Our sealers are anti-bacterial.
  9. Can Policrete Be Applied On Walls? Yes. Policrete can be used on walls.
  10. Can Policrete Be Applied On An Exterior? Policrete can be applied on exteriors but because we use porcelain aggregates on our formulation, the floor could be hot.
  11. I Have Gypsum Over My Concrete; Can I Apply Policrete Over It? No, you can’t. Gypsum is very fragile and doesn’t promote the adequate base.
  12. Can I Apply Policrete On The Microcement? Yes, we can go over any hard and stable surface.
  13.  Can I Apply Policrete On Epoxy? Yes, we can apply Policrete on epoxy.
  14.  How Long Does It Take To Apply Policrete? This depends on the type of floor you have but it takes an average of 7 business days. If we are talking about a single house, apartments or condominium, then it varies from 7 to 15 business days.
  15. What Is The Perfect Temperature To Apply Policrete? Policrete was not designed to be applied up to 75o F. 
  16. Should I To Cover My Floor After It Is Finished? If your home is under construction, definitely you must cover with RAM BOARD. Be attentive to not apply tape over the floor directly.
  17. I Need To Apply Sound Proof In My Floor. Can I Apply Policrete On It? Yes, you can. We have special base to apply over sound proof.
  18.  Do I Need To Remove My Doors To Apply Policrete? No, you don’t. Policrete is 1/8” to 1/4” in thickness.
  1. Can I Repair A Scratch On My Policrete Floor? Yes, you can. However, if the damage is big, it is necessary to re do all the area.
  2. How To Do The Policrete’s Floor Maintenance? Policrete is very easy to clean. Just 2 or 3 drops of neutral detergent in a gallon of water and you are ready to clean.
  3. Can I Use Lysol, Fabuloso, Bleach Or Other Kind Of Cleaner Material On My Policrete Floor? No, you can’t. This kind of product is abrasive and cumulative over the floor and compromises the sealers.
  4. If I Want To Change The Color Of Policrete Floor In The Future, Can I Do It? Because Policrete thickness is only ¼” you can apply over the existent Policrete.