Restore Your Walls Without Effort

What is Walls Refacing?

A good alternative if you want to give a new face to your walls is Walls Refacing with CEMENTINA. A coating designed for you who are looking to give your home a modern and elegant look but without having to resort to long, annoying and messy remodeling.

CEMENTINA covers your walls without damaging your peace of mind, obtaining in a few days spaces with beautiful, elegant finishes that are resistant to humidity, scratches and the passing of time.

We combine beauty with durability and quality with speed of application to give you successful results with a coating made with highly qualified products and finishes inspired by nature.

An excellent bet for the remodeling of your walls, CEMENTINA perfectly evokes the simple and sophisticated beauty of cement or the elegance of marble. A coating created with an excellent resin that has become our flagship product for its robust and moisture-resistant finish; give yourself the security of a home free of bacteria and mold.

modern epoxy wall coating with polished cement finish inspiration for restoring your walls with cementina epoxy coating.

Why Choose Cementina To Renovate Your Walls?

CEMENTINA brings together remarkable advantages that make it the perfect choice for your wall covering. The versatility of its finishes, application without demolition, its sustainable installation condition and durability have made it one of the most popular coatings in the market and the best choice for your walls, providing beauty and resistance that lasts.

epoxy resin cementitious coating with liquid porcelain protective layer applied without demolition.

Styles & Colors

Select the one of your preference

Inspired by the most beautiful elements of nature, we provide you with a variety of colors and styles that evoke the elegance of marble and the modernity of cement, giving free rein to your creative imagination.

How to Do It?

CEMENTINA is a coating that consists of three steps or layers after the preparation, leveling or repair of existing surfaces: PRIMER, DECORATIVE COATING AND PROTECTIVE COATING; resulting in similar results to cement or marble but with greater resistance to deterioration and durability.

This coating can be applied directly on any surface, such as tiles, stone, concrete, etc.

 Using this new system you can forget the dust, the time and inconvenience of a traditional renovation, and the noise and hauling of materials through common, residential, or commercial areas.


cementina epoxy coating system with three coats: primer, decorative and protective with a finish similar to cement or marble to renovate floors and walls without demolition.

Following a simple process in a short period of time you can have new walls in your house.

Step 1

First, we prepare the surface by cleaning the floor or walls, eliminating the mold and removing any dirt and debris. Also, it is important to level and waterproof the surface and finally make sure they are dry before painting.

Step 2

We apply the Cementina System.

Step 3

After 2 these simple steps our clients are ready to enjoy the new walls.

Frequently Asked Questions

CEMENTINA is microtopping epoxy resin protected with clear liquid porcelain sealer ultra resistant. It is designed by CEMENTINA to create a modern industrial design decoration for urban indoor and outdoor environments.

CEMENTINA emits a minimum dust because we use hard and heavy particles in our formulation.

No. CEMENTINA is odor free so it can be applied on condominiums, apartments, offices

CEMENTINA was designed to withstand 1/8” cracks. All structural cracks and cracks greater than 1/8 are not compatible with our anti-crack membrane.

CEMENTINA has sealers to protect your walls from stains. However, it is best to clean it up immediately after any spillage.

CEMENTINA can be applied on exteriors but because we use porcelain aggregates on our formulation, the floor could be hot.