Do you want to renew your floors but you don’t want all the dust clogging your home? Don’t worry, there are plenty of options available on the market, and we will help you find the best solution.

Nowadays, the market offers you many alternatives to renewing your home’s floors. Even better with the rise in DIY home improvement places and websites, many of these are very easy to do yourself, even over the course of a weekend. Some flooring can be installed easily without compromising  durability or pricing. Others, can take a long time and require a lot of money.

But, what about something easy to install, no dust, and no demolition of your old floors? Try the Policrete Liquid Porcelain System. This is a simple and cheap flooring installation, with no demolition required. Even better, it can be applied directly over any surface to hide imperfections. Also, as the product is stain-resistant, it will maintain its look for years to come. Did we mention that it is also durable and affordable?

And, if you are concerned about the process being green, think about all the waste from your home that will not be going into the local dump. Because the Policrete System goes right over existing ceramics, tile or any other flooring, there is no need to demolish the old floor. This means less waste.

Health and Home – Policrete is Perfect

With our liquid porcelain, you will not have to worry about demolition dust affecting your health. Our Policrete Products and Supplies are Made in the USA, so you know they have standards to follow. Beyond that, our installation process is innovative – the Policrete Liquid Porcelain is applied over your floor in an easy and quick way, obtaining perfect floors in short time.

The Policrete System is also perfect for restaurants or homes when you need to keep the space healthy. The Policrete Flooring System has built in anti-bacterial properties. Using this on hospital, school, restaurant, or even home kitchens will make the space that much safer for you, your business, or your family. Think about how much time you would waste in your kitchen if you had to demolish the floor, acquire permits, and remodel the floor.

Speaking about permits, are you concerned about the permits you need? Don’t worry about permits with the Policrete System. This system requires no extra permits or licenses. Simply make an appointment, and the Policrete team will be ready to work.

Free Up Your Creativity with Policrete

There are many styles and colors to combine in your home decoration or business space. You can choose bright or warm colors for a modern style, but if you want to give your home something elegant, you can pair colors with any shade of grey. In fact, we have several articles on matching grays with a variety of colors for modern or traditional looks.

Simple gray can build up any space for elegance, minimalism, or country charm. Pair it with vibrant colors, other neutrals, or even basic colors. But, with the Policrete System, you can make any color combination on the floors or walls. This makes it easy for designers or architects or families to chose how to make their homes unique and personable.

There are no excuses to renewing your house and giving it a new look. Our innovative and economical option for perfect polished concrete floors will provide elegance and modernity to your house. No matter what look you want in your home or business, you can adjust the colors, materials, and textures to make it your own space. Policrete is especially suitable for creativity. With this system, you can easily change the look of your place.