Quality Products To Cover Your Surfaces Without Demolition

At POLICRETE we develop products designed to facilitate the renovation of home or office spaces, made of excellent quality materials, in order to guarantee installers and flooring contractors in the USA the best results for floor covering projects, walls, countertops and any hard surface.

Our products are ideal for floor installation, wall covering and countertop restoration in any residential, commercial and industrial space. We offer durable, tough, slip-resistant coatings that can be installed without the need for demolition.

In addition, our products are waterproof, making them ideal for kitchen flooring or bathroom remodeling.

We walk you through the entire process with a variety of wall and floor repair products, primers, decorative top coats and sealers.

policrete epoxy resin products for coating floors and walls without demolition.

Why You Should Use Policrete Products?

Certified Safety Floor

For interior and exterior areas such as pool decks, dining rooms, bathrooms, commercial kitchens, etc.

Food-Contact Grade

Policrete protective coats are FDA certified under 21 CFR 175.300.


Policrete layers are entirely water resistant.

Over Tile

Policrete does not require existent floor demolition. Essentially saving time and money for the installer and client.

No City Permits

Policrete does not require city permits. Thereby providing you with additional savings on time and money.

Thin System

Policrete system has only 1/8” to 1/4” thickness. It does not require new base boards or shaving doors.

Stain Resistant

Policrete sealers are highly resistant to many common liquids like wine, water, oil and non acid liquids in general.

Sound Reduction

Due to the amount of thin layers in it, Policrete provides significant sound reduction.

Seamless By Areas

Policrete systems are seamless by areas. Only a thin line under the doors is visible.

No Cracks

Policrete uses an anti-cracking membrane (up to 1/8”).

Moisture Reduction

Policrete uses a moisture vapor barrier to control humidity.

Voc Free Tile

Policrete is free of volatile organic compound, emitted as gases and harmful to humans.

Hide Imperfections

Policrete covers holes, cracks, stain and any additional defects.

Products Available

epoxy resin cementitious coating with liquid porcelain protective layer applied without demolition.


Is a microtopping epoxy resin protected with ultra-resistant clear liquid porcelain tile that covers tile or any other hard surface such as wood, concrete, marble or granite; without the need for stripping. It is a highly durable, single-component, multi-substrate solution that helps you save time and perform multiple jobs with confidence.

d-platte architectural finish panels that mimic natural materials such as wood, metal and natural stone applied without demolition.


Are decorative panels that have become one of the most significant advances in the replacement of traditional materials and construction methods; they can be installed over existing surfaces such as tile, stone, cement, wood, among others. It is a product based on the combination of three-layer materials: Polycarbonate + Solid Substrate + Protective Sealer, resulting in a unique cladding material that not only provides decorative beauty, but also offers high resistance to extreme conditions avoiding shrinkage and cracking.