Policrete Is More Economic Compared With Traditional Floors

POLICRETE outshines its counterparts because of its quality, resistance, beautiful finishes, and economy. Compared to other floor finishes, POLICRETE is the ideal alternative to cover the floor of your home or office as it offers an excellent economic performance compared to TRADITIONAL FLOORS. This helps you save up to 30% in installation costs. POLICRETE covers your old tiles without demolition!

Floors Comparison

Below is a cost sharing table for a 1000 SQF flooring project using POLICRETE, tile and stone. (calculated in dollars)

City permit ($1500)01.51.5
Sound proof01.51.5
Sound proof installation011

Why Choose Policrete?

POLICRETE is the IDEAL OPTION for your floor project. Compared to traditional materials in the market, it is easy to install and has unique styles you can choose from.

luxury home interior with epoxy resin floors that give it a luxury look without the effort.

Policrete Vs Tile

POLICRETE is the most advanced, beautiful, functional floor. It has the most competitive price in the market now compared to tile.
One of the most notable advantages of POLICRETE is that it is demolition-free. POLICRETE can be installed over any existing ceramic, porcelain, stone, and concrete tiles without increasing the height of the floor to a maximum of 1/4 inch. Another great advantage is that it’s dust-free, providing a safe environment.

living room with modern decoration neutrals with gray floors.

Policrete Vs Polished Concrete

POLICRETE is the evolution of polished concrete. Polished concrete has surface imperfections, such as holes, cracks, and stains, but Policrete covers everything.
POLICRETE is also stain-resistant. It comes in two options: bright and matte, depending on your preference. Even better, our seamless flooring system can be installed over the polished concrete floor to cover any crack, hole, or stain on the floor.

minimalist style house interior with beautiful epoxy floors.

Policrete Vs Microcement

POLICRETE and Microcement are two very similar systems, all made by layers. The difference between the two systems is that Microcement is a cement base, and POLICRETE is micro topping ultra resistant epoxy resin protected with clear liquid porcelain sealer.
Microcement floors can generate cracks, stains, and other long-term imperfections if they don’t receive proper maintenance. On the other hand, POLICRETE is a high-durability material. No matter what walks, rolls, crawls, or drags across it; the floor won’t crack. POLICRETE is deterioration and stain-resistant.