To end the year at Policrete, we decided to create new styles for you to incorporate into a modern and luxurious style. These ideas invite you to welcome 2022 with a renovated house for the enjoyment of your family.

Joining Cement Liquid Porcelain and Polished Concrete Liquid  Porcelain styles, we are introducing our new styles of Fusion Liquid Porcelain and Marble Liquid Porcelain. We created theses in response to your interior design needs and the need to adapt to your personality and ideas.

Whether you are looking for subtle depths that play with the light; or bold blacks that dance with color, these new styles you can create unique environments in your home.

Marble Style

Natural marble is a beautiful, durable material, but is out of the reach of many people. Marble Style was created to give the same beauty as natural marble, but since it is made from liquid porcelain, it is easier to apply to any surface. It also has a higher resistance to deterioration and staining than traditional stone.

This decorative cladding offers colors and finishes, ranging from white to deep black marble, created for elegant and sophisticated environments. Without a doubt, it will be one of the favorites by architects and interior designers for its beauty and majesty.

The options are endless with this particular style. Add a layer to your cabinets to give them a pop. Turn a dull backsplash into a statement piece. Update the kitchen island to a centerpiece of conversation and class.

Go classic marble with grays; or dive into black gold and black mocha for a luxurious, elegance that is certain to be a show-stopper.

Fusion Style

For its part, Fusion Style was created to provide a finish equal to certain porcelain stoneware and veiled microcements. We wanted it to look good and perform even better, so we manufactured it to be more resistant and durable such as liquid porcelain. The play of light and color that is achieved with this modern coating is striking and modern on walls, furniture and floors.

Policrete Fusion Liquid Porcelain Style, offers a variety of colors to beautify countertops, floors, furniture, walls and even facades with unique and personalized finishes. Surfaces take on a life of their own with the fusion of color offered by this coating, ideal for the creativity of interior designers and architects. The subtle beauty of this style is sure to make even the most discerning palette take notice.

Add this style in a bathroom in shades of blue-gray to give a whispy ocean feel; or in cream to give subtle depth to your kitchen countertops.

New Colors for Old Favorites

Welcoming in the New Year also inspired us to create new colors in our  Cement and Polished Concrete Liquid Porcelain lines. We wanted to help you bring in 2022 with innovative and modern designs and ideas. It doesn’t matter if you want a modern or  classic look in your living room and bedroom. How about a minimalist or rustic style in the bathroom and kitchen? Want some new cement floor finishes? Maybe the walls of your office or the countertops of your kitchen could use a lift.

Let 2022 be the year that you decide that you can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted, or update the living room for something easier to clean, and more welcoming to visitors. This year, let’s take on whatever comes knowing that your home is ready for whatever happens.

With these new styles and colors, Policrete not only expands its decorative styles, but also responds to new needs. If you want to know more about the new styles and everything they can offer you, do not hesitate to contact us.