Policrete Marble Look is based on a multilayer system, created from a microtopping epoxy resin protected with clear liquid porcelain sealer ultra resistant, for the installation of floors, wall coverings and other surface coverings. This system results in a highly resistant and durable surface, with the same finish as marble, providing the beauty and elegance of natural stone.

The Marble Look is created to give it the same beauty as the natural marble stone, but it is made of liquid porcelain, an easier material to apply, since it covers your old tiles without demolishing them; and with a high resistance to deterioration and stains than traditional stone.

The Policrete Marble Look coating provides distinction and elegance to your home, office or business, with its small veins and colors equal to the original marble. It can be installed in any environment of the house, the bathroom and the kitchen, and we can even build furniture.

It provides luxurious and exclusive floors, walls and countertops with a finish that brings us closer to the grandeur and elegance of the Roman Empire.

Our decorative cladding offers colors and finishes, ranging from white marble to deep black, created for elegant and sophisticated environments. Without a doubt, one of the favorites by architects and interior designers for its beauty and majesty.


  • LIVING – Marble Style and Colors

  • DINNING – Marble Style and Colors

  • KITCHEN – Marble Style and Colors

  • BEDROOM – Marble Style and Colors

  • BATHROOM – Marble Style and Colors

  • ENTRANCE – Marble Style and Colors

  • GARAGE – Marble Style and Colors

  • BUSINESS – Marble Style and Colors

  • INDUSTRIAL – Marble Style and Colors



profile layer industrial floor liquid porcelain

Marble Look is a system that consists of three steps or layers after the preparation, leveling or repair of existing surfaces: PRIMER, DECORATIVE LAYER AND PROTECTIVE LAYER; that result in a highly resistant and durable floor, wall or countertop, with the same beauty and elegance as natural marble stone.

This system is applied directly to any surface, such as tiles, stone, concrete, etc.

Column 1 System Table
Column 1 Value 1 2 3 4 5 6