Personalize this. Think of how you make your things yours – from phones to vehicles. The same holds true in home décor. Currently, interior design seeks to please the taste of each person by creating different types of decoration. The current star trend with the most bang is the “cement look” that seeks to create interiors based on modernity and industry.

While the trend is a throwback to industrial trend in the late 80s and 90s, the current vibe is becoming the star of architects and interior designers because it offers seamless surfaces that do not overload the space. The new style unifies different rooms even as it encourages the New York touch with a loft point that always attracts attention.

To recreate this look, microcement is most often used. It is a material that allows floors, walls and furniture to be covered with a continuous finish without the need for endless renovations and expensive works.

Likewise, materials similar to microcement, such as cement and polished concrete are combined together to make a greater amount of aesthetics for the design. Add in the variety of colors and textures, and a visual union of all the decorative elements is born.

Policrete Liquid Porcelain gives the same look and feel, but is even more durable than microcement. A large variety of colors and textures will add even more varieties to either pair with microcement or replace it. Cement Style has conquered the world of interior design thanks to its wide possibilities, high performance and durability.

Therefore, thanks to these elements it is possible to create spaces full of aesthetics, personality and visual strength. But, floors and walls are only the beginning of creativity. Combine it with wood or metal, and the outdoor seating will not only be durable, but show-off your personal taste.

Cement and concrete combine perfectly with wood. Wood softens up the cold hardness of cement and concrete. Depending on the wood chosen, it lends to a modern or classic touch to the room. Wood is especially effective when used in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

Cement and concrete can be used to make a variety of items from flower pots for the garden to outdoor lamps. At first, lamps were an innovation that generated confusion. How could this heavy, earthbound material endure being  suspended in the air? Because it is applied in a thin layer, it once again surprised society by making such suspension possible.

What about larger pieces of furniture? Cement tables with copper or wood accessories are decorative elements that are in great demand.  Cement Liquid Porcelain provide a stone element to the décor. Wood, metal, or glass, when combined, give an instant modern look. Consider using warm copper with silver cement for a modern twist. Add clear glass with blue cement for a statement. They give an elegant and sophisticated final appearance.

This works outside as well as inside. Outdoor seating for gardens or urban furniture is possible thanks to the resistance of the aforementioned materials, generating a natural and spontaneous style to the environment.

Policrete offers you two finishing styles that allow you to create this trendy look in your home in an easy way and with a quality that will last over time. Our highly resistant liquid porcelain coating allows you to recreate the style you want, be it cement or polished concrete. Creating spaces with aesthetic beauty and the continuity that the “cement look” seeks.

With this new trend, based on the “cement look” we can say that giving your home an industrial look combined with other trends is possible, why not try it?