Kitchen trends constantly evolve – from the astro-pop of the 60s to the wood of the 80s what is popular in one generation isn’t popular in the next. In recent years, the kitchen function has also undergone a massive change. What was once the place to cook meals, maybe have a cup of tea with neighbors, has now turned into the central component of many households. Not only is the food prepared, but homework is done, TV shows are watched and even videos filmed. Making your kitchen look bright and new is often a difficult thing to accomplish.

The kitchen’s multifunctional demands in a modern home make it imperative that everything goes together from the items in the kitchen to the actual look and design of the kitchen. If you are thinking about renovating your house this year, especially the kitchen, we will give you ideas regarding the colors for your kitchen that will be a trend now and in the future. The best way to update your kitchen is by sticking with classics that will stand the test of time.

Black and Dark Gray

Many interior designers have been playing with darker color palettes for the kitchen. They experiment with dark gray and black on walls and floors. Like the look of black and white, but it’s a bit too intense? Pair white with dark gray to soften up the stark differences. The overall appearance is one of elegance and refinement, however, it has an air of natural simplicity and earthly exuberance.

Pairing dark gray and black with wood for a traditional look, or with metal to create a highly contemporary and luxurious appearance.


Navy blue will be one of the most popular colors in the kitchen no matter the decade. It works especially well with brass accessories to give a touch of elegance without being guady.

Clad your cabinets in navy with the brass accents for a nautical look. If you want some contrast, go for navy floor cabinets with cream, white, or wood uppe cabinets. You can’t go wrong with glass either. Want to try something bold? Pair navy with gray or black.


Green is a popular color in the kitchen through the years. Recently, the more popular colors have been darker forest green to the lighter celery green. This is the best color to add some exotic locations to  your home. Want to feel like your in the tropics? Add a bright teal, or if you want to feel like you’re out on the Sahara, match dark teal with sand colored accents. This is one of the best times to utilize new flooring installations as teal is a color to make your floors pop.


It might surprise you, but pink is back. This classic kitchen color has come back in richer, more adult shades of rose, fuscia, and magenta. While a classic pastel pink will never go out of fashion, if you want something fun, but don’t want to try red or yellow in your kitchen then pink is your answer. Pair fuscia with a dark gray accent to give your home a modern flair.

Your Kitchen – Your Rules

This year renews your kitchen following some of the trends for this year. Combining the colors in ways that you’re your kitchen more like you is a winning combination. Even better, add a polished concrete floor that you know will stand up to the traffic that goes through your kitchen. With the range of textures and colors Policrete Floors offers for your floors and walls, you will find the perfect match. Give your kitchen a harmonious and elegant touch.