The most used colors to decorate small living rooms

The most used colors to decorate small living rooms

Is your living room small and need inspiration to decorate it? In this article we will give you ideas to beautify this particular space in your home.

The living room is an essential space in our home, in it we spend part of our time, either alone or with family or friends. Decorating our room, so that it brings out all its potential, will help us to turn it into a warm and comfortable place in which we could spend hours and hours.

One of the most important features when decorating a room is the range of colors that we choose, so this is why here we give you some ideas of colors that could give beauty to your room. These are the ideal colors for those rooms that are not very spacious and that make them an elegant and comfortable place.

White rooms

  • White rooms: Among the colors for rooms, white is a wise choice to decorate a small living room. This color will make your small room look bigger, something that can go great if you have a small room. To summarize, white is a safe bet in small spaces in terms of decoration.

Rooms in broken white

  • Rooms in broken white: If the target seems too nuclear, a safe bet is to paint your living room in broken white. The broken white (or dirty) is characterized by having a few drops of white or black in its composition, giving it a less luminous touch, but with an effect on the walls very similar.

Light gray rooms

  • Light gray rooms: An alternative to white, is the light gray for your room, which can help you elegantly decorate your living room. This color also expands the space and you can combine it with a darker wall to gain depth.

Rooms in beige

  • Rooms in beige: The beige is a tonality of white between earth and a very weak yellow that can help you decorate your living room making it bigger. This color will give warmth and harmony to a small living room.


You can combine these colors with those we offer you at Policrete Floors, which will help you to give an elegant and spectacular touch to your living room. For example, a gray floor in any of its tones combined with any of these colors would give an incredible contrast to the space you want to decorate.