Is your living room small and you need inspiration to decorate it so it looks bigger? Let’s help you figure out the best way to use color to decorate small spaces.

After the kitchen, the living room is the most essential space in our homes. Here, we spend part of our time either alone or with family and friends. This is the space where we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. It’s also the space where we gather on gloomy days when our plans don’t go as well. Decorating the living room, so that it brings out all its potential, will help turn it into a warm and comfortable place where we can spend hours and hours knowing that we are safe.

One of the most important features when decorating any room is the range of colors that we choose. Kitchens, for example, can do well with bold reds and yellows to help get our creative juices flowing. A guest bedroom would do well with neutral colors so everyone feels welcomed. This is why here we will give you some ideas for colors beautify your living room. These are the ideal colors for those rooms that are not very spacious, but can make them an elegant and comfortable place. Start with a good floor base – like a polished concrete floor then take the color up the walls.


Among all of the colors for rooms, white is a wise choice for a small living room. White is the stand-by color for making small spaces feel big. White, however, can sometimes feel a bit too intense. A sure way to work around that problem is to introduce bright colors as accents. Think about Greek islands – brilliant white walls with bright blue accents. Adding color through soft textures will warm up any white will still giving you space.

Broken White

Broken white (or dirty) is characterized by having a few drops of red orange in its composition, giving it a less luminous touch, but with an effect on the walls very similar. This color is like a neutral vanilla pudding – it’s warm and comforting, but still white. Think of this color as warming up the space in a Scandinavian way. With this color – reds, navy blues, and gray are the best accents.

Light Gray

Tired of white? Try light gray for your living space. This is the cooler counterpoint to broken white. If you’re looking for a way to brighten a small room, but still want the calming aspects of the cool colors, gray is your best bet. Don’t make it too dark however for that would defeat the purpose. Want to go futuristic? Try a metallic epoxi floor coloring here to add flair. Gray is also the perfect selection for you if you want to have a lot of color in your space. With its neutral color, gray is the best color to show off bright pinks, purples, blues, and yellows.


This color falls somewhere between the pudding color of broken white, and a weak yellow. It leans into the white category and can give you that warmth that comes with yellow. Broken white usually has pink undertones whereas beige has yellow undertones. This color, like broken white, will warm up the living room while still giving you the impression of space. This color, especially, pairs very well with dark blues to give a country, modern feel to your living room.

Your Living Room – Your Style

Any of these colors can be made to your specific shade that you want. With the Policrete Floors, you can combine these colors with what we offer. Want a casual look? Then pair gray with muted colors. Want something bright and brilliant – white with bold colors.

No matter what you choose, knowing that your colors will make your small space bigger, and more welcoming is the best choice.