Our homes are sacred spaces. It is where we live and spend most of our time. We want every area of the home to be in perfect condition to welcome everyone who enters. But, what is the most important space? The floors – that space we do not think about, but which can make a room stand out.

There are several options for floor restoration, but Policrete Floors stand out for their high quality, resistance and beautiful finishes. Policrete is the ideal alternative for coating the floor of your home. Even if we compare its characteristics with those of some other materials of greater demand in the market, Policrete still stands out.

Policrete vs. Polished Concrete

When applied well, polished concrete creates a smooth and shiny finish. Unfortunately, when not properly maintained, it usually cracks creating other problems. The Policrete Flooring System works in the same way and provides the same finish and look, but is durable and resists cracks, stains and abrasion. It comes in two options – bright and matte, depending on how you prefer it. Even better, with our seamless flooring system, it can be installed over the polished concrete floor to cover any crack, hole or stain on the floor.

Policrete vs. Microcement

Like Policrete, micro cement floors are made by layers. The difference between the two systems is that micro cement is composed of cement, while Policrete is a resin base. Like polished cement floors, micro cement floors can generate cracks, stains and other long-term imperfections if they don’t receive proper maintenance. On the other hand, Policrete is a high durability material. This means that no matter what walks, rolls, crawls, or drags across it, the floor is deterioration and stain resistant. That isn’t to say it doesn’t need car, it does, but it is totally easy to maintain at home. We explain how in our article 5 Tips for Beautiful Floor Maintenance

Policrete vs. Tiles (ceramics and / or porcelain)

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made of clay and have similar characteristics. When installed on floors, both require a previous demolition. The benefit of ceramic or porcelain tiles are that they absorb water and last for years if well maintained; however, their installation generates annoying dusts that harms the health of installers, and can remain in the area for years. The Policrete Liquid Porcelain Technology can be installed over ceramic and porcelain tile floors, as well as other materials such as natural stone and concrete without having to demolish them. The system completely covers everything to a maximum of ¼ inch in height all without generating dust. The Policrete’s competitive cost makes a beautifully finished, resistant floor more affordable.

Policrete vs. Vinyl

Vinyl floors are economical and easy to install. They are the standard floor for DIY home improvement folks. Like Policrete, there is no dust built up from the process, but for installation it require demolition of the previous flooring. The new Policrete Liquid Porcelain Technology can be installed quickly on existing floors covering them perfectly, including vinyl.

Policrete vs. Wood

Thanks to its durability, wood is another beautiful material widely used in floor covering. But, like most of the existing materials in the market, its installation requires demolition, generates dust and costs too much. Even with ethically sourced wood, there are too many other problems with wood for an environmentally friendly home.

With all the options shown, now you can make the best decision to invest in the ideal floor construction for your home or business. With Policrete, we can make floor installation in Miami not only beautiful, but ones that ensures resistance and long life in your floors and walls.

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